“Sustainable healthier food for human welfare”


Our mission is to produce non-transgenic, regulatory free, sustainable, consumer oriented genome edited plant products. PLANTeDIT is the first biotech company dedicated to use patented next generation genome editing tools  CRISPR/Cas9 RNPs® from our key collaborator Toolgen (http://toolgen.com/?lang=en) with our transformation technology for efficient direct delivery and swift regeneration of genome edited plants. Our mission is also to revolutionize plant transformation technology with our innovative, universal, cost effective, swift transformation system applicable to broad a range of crop species for direct delivery of genome editing tools. Further, PLANTeDIT aims to develop highly pure mammalian protein and human drugs at cost effective price using genome edited plant platform.


In ColossusINNo2017’s top 10 finalist 

December 14, 2017 Monday

Plantedit got selected to GEM-ColossusINNO2017 as one of the disruptive startup of companies to enter south east asia network. We came top 10 finalist to present our company among 2000 startup companies in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on Dec 11th – 13th.

PlantEdit and ToolGen announce the agreement for collaboration for developing genome edited plant products

October 23, 2017 Monday   Cork, Ireland & Seoul, South Korea

PlantEdit, an agricultural company developing genome edited plants, and ToolGen Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in genome editing, announced today that the companies have reached a collaboration agreement for developing genome edited plant products. Based on the MOU, two companies cooperate for mutual benefit on research and development of new technologies for generating genome edited crops and commercialize the agricultural products based on the technology.

Upcoming  events

Our CEO & Founder Chidananda is going to present our company on World Agri-Tech event in March at San Francisco.

Post Doc position open for Irish Ph.D. holder

We are seeking a highly motivated and talented scientist with solid lab skills in plant transformation and tissue culture. The position will function as an independent researcher actively advancing the goals of the project. The position is subjected to successful grant application.