PLANTeDIT was founded in 2017 in Cork, Ireland. We utilize next generation genome editing technology developed by Toolgen.inc and swift transformation technology developed by PLANTeDIT to produce DNA-free, regulatory free, consumer oriented and sustainable genome edited crops and cost effective bio-pharmaceuticals.


CEO and Founder

Chidananda Nagamangala Kanchiswamy is the CEO & Founder of Plantedit. He obtained his PhD in plant biotechnology in 2011 from University of Turin (Italy). During his PhD he spent most of his time conducting research at the Max Planck Institute for chemical ecology Jena (Germany) and the Center for Ecological Research Institute, Kyoto University (Japan). After his doctoral studies he moved to the Foundation Edmund Mach, Trento (Italy) as a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow. He has 6 years postdoctoral and research scientist experience at the Foundation Edmund Mach, where he explored plant biotechnology and plant genome editing using the next-generation genome editing tool CRISPR/Cas9. He has a decade of experience in plant biotechnology, transformation, tissue culture and genome editing of several crop species.
He has published more than 20 peer reviewed research articles during his research career. He was responsible for the supervision of several master and PhD students, technicians and technologists during his tenure at the research institute. More details on his publications can be found at ResearchGate.

He brings his immense research and management experience to make plantedit company, a world leader in the development of ecofriendly, sustainable, healthier foods for human welfare. 



Okjae Koo is an experienced scientist in the field of developing genome edited plants and animals. He obtained DVM and PhD degrees in veterinary medicine from Seoul National University (South Korea). During PhD study, he focused on generating various transgenic animals and genome edited animals using various molecular biology tools including 1st generation genome editing tool-Zinc Finger Nuclease. After his PhD studies he worked for National Institute of Health (US) and Seoul National University as a postdoctoral research scientist and then join Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. For Samsung, he developed various model animals using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. For in-depth study and commercialize the genome edited technology, he joined ToolGen Inc (a leading genome editing company located at Seoul, Korea) in 2016 and currently work as a Head of GreenBio Business division. He is also joined PLANTeDIT as a Co-Founder and co-develop several genome edited plants based on ToolGen’s CRISPR/Cas9 IP.

He has published more than 60 peer reviewed research articles during his research career and has decade of experience in transgenic and genome editing technologies. He has plenty of knowledge and vision for using genome editing technologies in plant and animal industry. As a Co-Founder of PLANTeDIT, he provide scientific strategy for genome editing in plants and develop strategic collaboration network among PLANTeDIT, ToolGen and third party companies.


Scientific Advisor

Seokjoong Kim is an experienced molecular biologist in the field of programmable nuclease development and genome editing technology. Currently, he is a director of business development at ToolGen, Inc., a Korean company on biotech focusing on the translation of genome editing technology into valuable products in the field of therapeutics and agriculture.


Scientific Officer

PhD in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Science and Technology. Experience in genetic characterization of target genes from non-model plant species with qRT-PCR and heterologous overexpression in Arabidopsis.